Colorful Stone Stripe
Tallitot, Kippot and Textile Judaica by Linda Salvay
Colorful Stone Stripe
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Tallit and bag of silk noil. Squares of brightly colored Dupioni silk replicate the gemstones representing the 12 Tribes of Israel; each square is inset into the background fabric, rendering the design visible on either side of the garment.
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Tallit, kippah and bag of silk noil, with appliqué of Dupioni and silk/metallic fabrics. “Vines” are appliqué; “leaves” are inset. The design is inspired by Parshah Ki Teitze, which includes the mitzvah of sending away a mother bird before taking her eggs or fledglings (Deut. 22:6-7). A bird and nest (detail photos at right) are embroidered, white on white, at either edge of the tallit. The atarah, or collar (below), is embroidered with the Hebrew words from Deut. 22:7, “...that you may fare well and lengthen your days.”
Tallit, kippah and bag of raw silk. “Dove of peace” appliqué of Dupioni silk; corners and atarah of Dupioni silk and jacquard ribbon trim. Atarah is embroidered with Hebrew prayer: “Maker of peace in the heavens, make peace for us and all Israel.” Tallit bag is embroidered with wearer’s Hebrew name.
Created in raw silk, Dupioni and silk/metallic blend, this tallit set was inspired by Psalm 150: “Let every breath praise G-d. Halleluyah.” The words appear in Hebrew on the atarah. The decorative motif of the tallit carries over to the tallit bag.
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